Lower Body Exercise Home Workout

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lower body exercise

Lower Body Exercise

Here is a simple to follow lower body workout routine that can easily be done at home. Watch the video and follow along.

There is no set number of times you should do any of the movements but try to spend about 30 seconds on each exercise and see how you get on. Do them at your own pace and remember to read through the advice at the start of the video.

The routine involves a range of squats, lunges and exercises with relatively low impact. If you wish, you can reduce the impact even further by doing them on a mat or any soft flooring.

Squats and Lunges mostly focus on your Quads – those are the big muscles in the front of the legs. If you want an all-round workout that strengthens your Glutes and Hamstrings – those are the big muscles in the backs of the upper legs – concentrate on exercises 3 to 7 in your routine.

There’s no equipment needed, and the routine can easily be done at home. Go ahead: give it a go.


Exercises in the Routine

The exercises shown are as follows.

1. Reverse Lunges (Alternating legs/Single Leg pulses)

2. Squats (Regular/Jumps/Pulses/Walking)

3. Glute Bridge – double/single leg /pause/hip openers. To do this, lie on your back and bring your heels close to your bum with your feet hip-width apart. Push into your heels and lift the hips, squeezing the glutes. Try not to overextend the lower back and start by lifting from the tail bone, then peeling the spine away from the mat. Reverse this as you come back down finishing with the tail bone touching the mat.

4. Donkey Kicks – Bent/Straight Leg alternations. When doing this exercise, make sure to keep your hips square to the mat and to engage the core muscles. Be careful to prevent tension in your neck or over-extending the back.

5. Hamstring Curl. Keep the upper leg raised as this movement is just through the lower leg. Move the lower leg closer to your bum hinging at the knee. Then straighten the leg back out. When pulling the leg in towards the body use the heel to really activate the hamstrings.

6. Lateral Leg Raises. Lie on your side one leg on top of the other. The top leg is pulled up and down keeping it as straight as possible. Try to keep the hips in line and use the mind to muscle strategy to focus on the muscle on the inside of the leg during lifts.

7. Clams / Hip Openers. Keep your knees bent and bring your knees in front of your hips. Raise the lower legs off the mat keeping the feet together. Open the hips keeping the feet together if possible. This can be hard if you have any tightness in the hips, but it is a great way to loosen the hips. The best results are achieved by doing it correctly & by not overdoing it.


Kettle-bell Workout

A kettle bell is a basic piece of weight equipment that is well worth getting.It is very versatile, you can choose your own weight and it will increases the intensity of a workout.

Here is a short routine you can follow to improve strength through your body while improving your flexibility and fitness.


I hope you enjoy these workouts.

At all times, listen to your body when doing these exercises. You should feel slight discomfort but NO PAIN.



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