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​High Intensity Interval Training: A Beginner's Guide

​High I​ntensity I​nterval Training, or HIIT, is a hugely popular approach to exercise and is becoming more so very quickly. The reason is simple: it works. But ​a HIIT workout is quite different from most other types of exercise. It's also important that you do it right. This eBook will show you what all the HIIT fuss is about and outlines the main features of a HIIT workout so you can get started immediately.  Click here to download. (No​registration required).

​Mindfulness in a Busy Life: an Introduction  

This short eBook provides a brief introduction to mindfulness and can be read as a prelude to the Mindfulness in a Busy Life course which is available free from MindBodyness.com. It is not in any sense a theoretical treatment of the subject and many complex questions around the subject are left unanswered. But, along with the course, it provides a workable introduction to mindfulness and the practical foundation to get started putting it into practice in your busy life.  ​Download here. (No​registration required).

Sugar: Your Sweetest Enemy

S​weetness, once a precious rarity in our diets, is now commonplace.  Sugar is cheap and ubiquitous.  It turns up in so much of our food that we don't usually know how much we are consuming.  And, when it comes to sugar, you can certainly have too much of a good thing.

We are consuming far too much sugar.  Do you know how much you are eating?  D​o you know the effects on you health?  Do you know how to cut down?  Find out in this free report, S​ugar: Your Sweetest Enemy.  (No​registration required).

your sweetest enemy
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