10 Things To Do Today

Towards a Healthy Mind & Body

to do today

Do you have goals? Have you ever felt stuck, like you are just not getting there?  I’m sure you have.  Here are some things to do today to help you to get unstuck.

They’re actually pretty simple actions. But you need to make a much more difficult change. Stop making your goal your central priority.

This seems a bit of an unusual request. But aiming directly at your goal is what you have been doing.  And progress has not been happening.

You need to step back and see if you have built the supports in your life to enable you to make progress. If not, you are not preparing to succeed.

Make yourself a promise: by this time tomorrow you will have made some progress on every one of these actions.  Even if that progress is simply thinking about what you might be able to do, that’s a start.


Start Doing This Today

1. Take Time Out and Think

We are constantly told that the key to success is to do, to get up and get going, and so on. We forget that some of the greatest minds made the most progress not by doing, but by not doing.

Take time alone. Do not ruminate over what has been or what should be. Think about what it is you really want. Is that even possible, or desirable? How might you go about planning to get there?

Be clear about what you want to achieve. Then, tell someone about it. If you find you can’t tell someone, you have not really thought about what you want.

2. Start Reading a Book

We tend to prioritise entertainment over education. Books allow you to combine the two. Put down the phone, stop wondering what’s happening now on social media or whatever, and address the FOMO in your life.

Choose an electronic book or a physical old style one. Choose a topic you are interested in. It can be factual or a novel. It may, or may not, be related to your goal.

The important point is to read a book.

3. Be Objective about What You Have Now

You have been very lucky in your life and you are living through the best time in the long history of humanity to be alive.

Do you genuinely appreciate this? If not, and if you are not deeply grateful for all this, then stop immediately and learn to appreciate how lucky you are.

Make a list of what you have going for you. Start with the world around you. Only then go on to your own personal traits, talents and characteristics. Recognise what you have been given and promise yourself that you will not the one that will waste this precious opportunity.

4. Meditate and Visualise what You Want

It’s hard not to get caught up in the clamour and noise around us and within us. It is a weakness of the human condition that this noise distracts us, constantly.

Learn to shut it out. Do you know what it is to meditate? To focus in on who you are, what your position in the world is. Do you know how to quiet your mind from the noise of what was in the past, or what your imagination tells you will be in the future?

If you do, then great. Be sure to make time in your day to meditate today. If not, start to find out what it is about.

When you have quietened your mind from the distractions start to visualise what it is you want. Make the space in your life. After all, if your life is so busy that you can’t make 10 minutes to quiet your mind then how can you hope to make space for your goals to become part of your life?

5. Get Moving, Get fit

Your goal may be to improve your health, your fitness, to run a marathon or to lose weight. Then it’s obvious you need to exercise.

But even if this is not the case, getting fit will have positive impacts on your life. Cut down on the harmful activities that you know are wasting your time and energy. That, in itself, is an immediate win.

Exercise will give you more energy and more focus. And you will definitely feel better about yourself. You do not need to start big. Start small.

You will quickly see the benefits as I discuss in this article. Now use that achievement to propel you towards your goals.

6. Spend Time with Someone Positive

You will have no problem finding negative people. Avoiding them may not be enough. You will experience difficulties and will need active, positive support.

Families and existing friends are usually not enough. Do you know someone, either personally or even vaguely through reading something they have written on the internet, that you have found inspiring? Someone who has faced up to life and made it what they wanted it to be?

You don’t need heroes. But you will need to build a network around you. Can you think of anyone whose lead you would wish to follow?

Learn about them. What is their approach to life. How much of their experience would you wish to use?

Eventually choose one. That will be your first mentor. For today, just stop and think and look for someone from whom you can learn.

to do today

7. Be Polite to People

Everyone is an individual as you are with their own dreams, plans, needs wants, challenges and weaknesses. Always treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Do this simply because it is the right thing to do. Full stop. Now, who will you be polite to today?

8. Give and Take

You must always look to give as well as take from any relationship, no matter how casual. It’s the same with your network

Give, because that is who you are. And the most precious thing you can give is your time and your wisdom.

Remember that information is one of the few things that you can share and afterwards both you and whomever you share with will almost certainly have more information than when you started. So, who can you help today?

9. Let the Past be the Past

The past does not exist. It is over. There’s nothing you can do about it other than learn from it. Things have not worked out as you planned to date. Why is that? What can you do about it? Are your expectations realistic?

Don’t carry the baggage of the past. Not only is its only reality as a part of your memory, the chances are your memory is not what happened.

To see how to do this and bring other benefits into your life, sign up for my free 30-day course ‘Mindfulness in a Busy Life‘.

10. Do Something Every Day

Start today. You can do all of these things today. And finally, you need to make a commitment. You will continue to do all, or most, of them tomorrow and every day. Make some progress each day. If not, you will stop. And then you will be stuck again.

Always keep going. You don’t need big wins. You don’t need more busyness in your life. But you do need consistent small wins. And, above all, you need to commit to keep going.

Build a little momentum. It is surprising how a small success will give you the impetus to go for the next small step.


Last Thoughts

You begin to make progress and become unstruck once to start to do simple things. Be clear about what you want, make space for it in your life, and work hard towards it every day.

Find help from others around you and make yourself useful to others. And look after your emotional, mental and physical health.

Don’t be afraid to make changes. If you want to make a real change in your life then you need to do things differently.

Commit to the long haul. Do you have a personal ‘philosophy of life’ a code for living, something to which you can refer for guidance to pull you through? There are many you can draw from.

For me, it is stoicism. I’m not going to go into it here but if you are interested, I have written a short personal introduction on Stoicism and the Art of Living.

It’s a good place to start.  Why not do it today?


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